Monday, 25 June 2012

The Friand Cake Company

I have been neglecting my blog recently but this is because I am busy getting THE FRIAND CAKE COMPANY business of the ground. This is going very well but like everything takes time and planning. In the last couple of months at least , I have made and tested more friands than you can possibly imagine, giving them to friends, colleagues associates, cafe's, the public  to test and the over- whelming feedback is that they are excellent, new and exciting. I also have a cafe who wants to buy them from me in town. I have also been sourcing ingredients such as Madagaskan vanilla by a new award-winning company called Little Pod. The vanilla extract takes the cake to new heights in the most subtle way possible. I bought 10 kilos of ground almond, 40 packets of butter, 5 kilos of white chocolate and so on. I now have a wide range of silicone trays including financier tins to make little bars of little gold almond cakes. My logo is nearing completion and I am working on the packaging. I am almost set! I am hoping to launch in a farmers market later in July subject to confirmation of a stall. I am about to get the shelf life of my friands tested. And so on. Hard work but great fun and it makes it even nicer when I get feedback as I have been that I am one the right tracks with the friand cakes. My long term aim is to sell online so let me know if you are interested and I will add you to my mailing list. Also, I have a facebook page below  you can like to follow the development of this company and a soon to be website. I am also happy to advise on any aspect of making your own friand cakes. As I said , I have made a few. It would seem there is an appetite for friand cakes. People love the lightness of the egg whites, the almond texture, the range of fillings and so on. They are a nice size to snack on, they are relatively healthy with almonds and egg whites as main ingredients, there are gluten free and dairy free options. In fact ,with little flour,  the GF free option is something I am considering for all my friands as it does not seem to affect the taste at all. Still testing this.

Anyway, just a quick update.

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