Tuesday, 1 November 2011

No more supper clubs after the 3rd dec until end Jan

Final menu for 3rd December soon. I am busy working on a canape /finger buffet menu for a fun christmas party that I am really excited about. Fabulous fun and grief researching, trying to get it right  etc. Last supper club until the end of January so book now.. I am serious about family and christmas so am taking time out over the festive period and visiting relatives in the new year. Have decided to make christmas hampers with lots of cake, relishes and a few surprises for presents - a so called recession choice- it'll end up costing me more grief and money probably. Ain't that always the way. Pretty sure my 18 year old son won't want a hamper, a recipe for mum's pasta tomato sauce being quite high on his agenda "mum, since leaving home I have discovered I hate packet sauce" . Result!  Alan, my husband /joiner/designer extraordiniare (he designed the house we live in , well after 3 years in a caravan in the garden, we have the t-shirt, ) will make the hamper boxes but he can't make any old box so no doubt that will become a drama. Christmas, such fun! Anyway, my original point was book now.

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