Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Party time

With bookings taking off , we are looking forward to our last supper club of 2011 and I feel the menu (see previous blog)  is one of the nicest yet with a festive feel and lots of variety. I plan to include some Tapa & Mezze recipes to include Gambas Al Ajillo - Garlic Prawns seared with White Wine & Chilli. In fact, I realise have been doing this dish for ages without thought but a nice name always helps doesn't it. I am also thinking of a  Carrot Puree with Caraway Seeds served with Pitta Bread Triangles  to balance the heat. And that is just the Amuse Bouche! I have possibly changed my mind about the sauce for the pheasant and fancy moving to a richer sauce such as Prune & Armagnac which I feel  is a bit more festive. It also means I can serve yummy  Gratin Dauphinois which never gets tired, well not to me anyway. What else, I am going to add to the desserts, a Stem Ginger Ice Cream. I made some for the family at the weekend and it is a real stunner and  fit for christmas. And this weekend  I will try out some Filo Crackers for the Petit Fours. If this is all appealing to you, it would be great to see you on the 3rd. Just send me an email : honeywildandmannadew@gmail.com and join in our joie de vivre and not quite start of christmas, but definitely a nod towards it, celebrations . 

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