Sunday, 1 January 2012

Honey Wild Christmas Hamper

This year I experimented by making Christmas hampers for my family and select friends . They were a great success. I kept the presentation simple using greaseproof paper and garden string to wrap the cakes and simple sterilised glass jars for the relishes. I also added othet little personal touches for example , an extract from the poem, "La Belle Dame Sanse Merci" by John Keats where the name Honey Wild comes from and a little set of stunning relish dishes. The feedback was that it was lovely to get such a personalised gift as everything in the hamper was made by me (OK I admit I am not a potter in my spare time). I am now looking into putting more hampers together to perhaps sell with the emphasis being on home made products only. Feedback would be welcome.

Honey Wild Christmas Hamper

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Sticky Gingerbread Cake

Christmas Tea Loaf

Cranberry Relish

Carrot & Almond Relish

Shallots in Balsamic Vinegar

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

Petit Fours

Set of Relish Dishes

Bon Appetit!

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