Saturday, 28 January 2012

Honey Wild 'Pop Up' in Edinburgh Friday 17th February 2012

Here is the proposed menu for the first pop up in Edinburgh. Two regular guests of my supper club in the Borders have offered  their house in Morningside as a Honey Wild location which is true to the spirit of the whole supper club movement.   Over half of the guests to last years' supper clubs travelled up from Edinburgh. In December, I did my first Christmas Canapes Christmas party in penthouse suites for a blue chip company. This was a great success and gave me an appetite for coming into the city to do more. I am very happy to be able to offer this ;'pop' up option in the city.
To celebrate Edinburgh's long love affair with this oysters,  I am going to kick start the evening,  by serving them raw with a Bloody Mary and a Virgin Mary Salsa. For the main courses  I have been invited by my hosts  to include  my favourite main courses  from last year's suppers. I am going to choose a couple of classic dishes which probably best represents the kind of food I like to  cook. Firstly Osso Bucco using shin of beef which is a pleasure to cook and  serve and was a big hit at October's  supper with the meat literally falling off the bone and going very nicely with the traditional Milanese Risotto. Secondly I will cook Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillets with Beurre Blanc. I love the freshness and the simplicity of this dish. As ever , if you can't or won't eat the options or have specific requirements, I am happy to discuss this with you and come up with something that will suit. Actually, I quite enjoyed this part of the food last year. It surprised me how  incredibly  grateful and delighted people were that time was taken and they didn't have to feel the usual 'nuisance' that they tell me they had learned to expect when eating out.   I would like to think this flexibility is a defining feature of Honey Wild and supper clubs in general. So here it is. I hope you like it!


Amuse Bouche

Carrot Puree & Carroway Seeds with Goats Cheese served with Pitta Triangles

Nicoise Crumble

Choice of Starter

Fresh Oysters served with a Bloody (Virgin)  Mary  Salsa

Fresh Tagliatelle served with Roasted Red Pepper, Black Olives & Capers with Pesto

Served with Fresh Home Made White and Brown  rolls

Palate Cleanser

Green Apple & Honey Sorbet

Choice of Main Course

Beef Osso Bucco served with Milanese Risotto

Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillets with a  Beurre Blanc Sauce Served with New Potatoes

Both served with Green Vegetable Platters

Choice of Dessert

Treacle Tart

Orange Blossom Cake

Strawberries with Basil & Limoncello


To Finish

Fresh Coffee & Petit Fours


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