Friday, 7 October 2011

Blackberry Ice cream

This is delicious and dreamy and I accidently discovered that  it is DIVINE with Sticky Gingerbread (will post that recipe seperately when I have time) when serving it to the family for pudding on Sunday night by TV. We started eating it as any old dessert, then we all ood and aad and had second helpings.  I decided a must for next supper club. Adding a Blackberry Sorbet with Cassis elevates it to even greater heights. Here is the recipe taken  from Blanche Vaughan's blog.I tend to look at tons of recipes when trying something new, choose one or two , practice compare, then adopt and hopefully improve on it over time.

1 litre of double cream
200 ml milk
2 vanilla pods
8 egg yolks
200g castor sugar
500g Blackberries
Ice cream maker

Heat cream and milk in pan with vanilla pods (scrape seeds out & pop in the milk), leave to cool and infuse vanilla for 30 mins, seperate the egg yolks (suggest making friands with the egg whites (will post in recipes later) , never throw out as you can freeze them and do another day) and mix with the sugar. Add milk and cream and whisk, pour back into pan and heat gently (never boil) until it thickens to a thin custard (coats the back of a wooden  spoon, I found this takes practice as unlike custard you don't want it too thick but equally if it doesn't thicken a little it won't do what it has to do  in the ice cream maker . Recipes make everything seem so easy and ostensibly it is but even the simplest things need a careful and consistent approach in my experience. I never take any process in cooking for granted. I reckon any chef can mess up anything in cooking even easy stuff on occasion though I am sure many chefs out there might disagree. Nick Nairn's website asserts that anyone can cook but the glass half empty view is anyone can mess it up. Truisms are us! Pour in to a bowl and let it cool thoroughly. Whizz up blackberries in a blender then strain through a muslim to remove pips. When cold, add to cream & milk and pop into the ice cream mixer, churn up then put in the freezer (yum).

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