Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunshine in Leith

Back from a really good meeting with a fabulous friend about the marketing and PR and the fun side of Honey 'Wild' which I want to be just that. Lots of work to do. Had cappucino in 'Relish' at the shore which I thought very pleasant. And I bought a delicious bottle of Proseco to drink with risotto tonight. So much choice in Leith now. Parking a total nightmare. When I lived in Edinburgh (ten years ago!!), my husband had a workshop in an old Maritime bonding warehouse. So we spent quite alot of time in the Port of Leith, The Shore bar, the Waterfront, Fishers, Fitz Henry & Vintners to name but a few. and so on eating all the delicious food on offer- lot s of fish. Leith definitely offers something unique in Edinburgh and continues to have its' very own spirit and culture tae boot! However, although my Leither friend insisted the sun always shines in Leith metaphorically, I though that was stretching it a bit. It was definitely raining cats and dogs metaphorically and literally.

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