Saturday, 29 October 2011

New books

In the last few weeks I have gone through a spate of buying and acquiring new cookery books which is very inspiring. My head hurts reading recipes. Here are some of the titles
Purple Citrus by Silvana Rowe- gorgeous photographs and recipes from Mediterranean (Eastern mostly) with her twist on it. She has a thing about edible fowers I notice!
Francescos Ktichen by Franscesco de Mosto - my book dealer friend to be referred to as Gus going forward (cause that's his name!), sent this home with my hubbie yesterday. Full of Venetian history, wonderful photographs and recipes as grand and steeped in history as the place itself. Great irreverent (this is who I am) photo in the middle of the book of Francesco with a fag in his mouth kneeling down by his stove- priceless.
Rick's Eastern Odyssey by Rick Stein - another one from Gus. Really interesting book from Rick with recipes from Cambodia,Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and so on. Ambitious to the point of ridiculous but fabby. However, I have a shopping list that in some cases probably necessitates a flight to these places. I am definitely going to try and acquire the ingredients for one or two, for example, I fancy testing Vietnamese Spring rolls I need to get hold of Vietnamese rice papers, dipping sauce etc, back to my last point. I do like recipes where you can just open your cupboard door- like pasta dough!
Casa Moro by Sam & Sam Clark- I love these excellent Spanish & Moroccon inspired books. Just bought this one but will use it tons and tons. I went on a cycling holiday to Spain when I was eighteen and can still remember the thrill of eating the most amazing food, simple with fresh flavours,  in unassuming cafe's with TV's blaring. In Scotland the kind of place you would expect to eat a bacon buttie. I got served fresh tuna fish for the first time in my life. I thought it was divine and was probably my first reaisation that good does not generally come out of a tin. Anyway, my mum coming back from Morroco today which I have never been to. Looking forward to hearing about the place and especialy the food and will cook her something from this book.
Chocolate Recipes by Green & Black's going to try the chocoate crusted lemon cake today, a marrying of citrus and chocoate. Will let you know how I get on. Apparently one has to be careful with the pastry as the chocate can taste bitter if over-cooked.
Pastry by Michel Roux Some nice recipes. bought it to work on my pastry skills
Terrine and Verrines by Frank Pontais my favourite purchase this month. Definitely a caterer's book. The recipes pretty complex but I love it. Again ingredients and equipment to source.
and finally Jamies Great Birtiain by Jamie Oliver Jamie's books are a bit like Delia's or Nigella's , a complete must for your shelves. I dip into them all again and again though find most of them a bit irritating to watch on TV.

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