Sunday, 16 October 2011

We might as well dance. Next festive supper club Friday 9th December 2011

The response to the next supper club on the 21st October  has been amazing with us having to turn away disappointed last minute bookings. Yes is a nicer word than no and it is in my nature to just say 'Oh just come along, I will fit you in'. But I am pushing the boundaries at 32 (same as my age ha ha) and am approaching the logistics of serving the food like a military operation as it is. So reluctantly , I am saying fully booked.  I have decided to flag up the next date on 9th December (I will call it Relish Sweet after my twitter name) which will hopefully get everyone ready for the christmas spirit. Fridays seem to be a good night with the feeling that you haven't given up your whole weekend to come (we all lead such busy lives!). We are running with the Burlesque theme because frankly we love it. It  is, we are finding, a huge amount of fun and seems to be inspiring staff and guests alike with the caveat always there  that you can come as you are if you wish. I may even change the format to banquet style and have some fab entertainment. Let me know if you are interested in coming and I will give more details after the 21st. Off to town now to discuss hair, feathers and masks but no tassles. Oh la la!

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